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Kidkraft Annabelle Dollhouse 65079

After you make a decision of buying Kidkraft annabelle dollhouse 65079, you will have bought your young girl a dollhouse of her dream. This playhouse has different features which she will like a lot in case she is interested in interior design. The dollhouse has wide windows that will allow the girl to see her dolls in the house clearly.

The doll house is a classic 3 story house. It has a working elevator and stairs to make the young girl visualize the real house when having fun with this playhouse. Some of the features that make this best Kidkraft dollhouse stand out include the following:

  1. Colorful pieces of furniture.
  2. The dollhouse has a total of 17 colorful pieces of furniture. This will enable the child visualize different types of furniture that have been displayed in the house. The furniture available in the dollhouse has been arranged to suit different places. This makes it very easy for the child to visualize real life arrangement of furniture. There is also an elaborate heart shaped latticework that is elaborate hence making the doll cottage stand out.

  3. Hanging chandelier.
  4. There is no house without lighting. This playhouse has been equipped with beautiful hanging chandeliers to make it achieve great look. This Annabelle doll cottage is made out of light wood, plastic, fabric and MDF. The material selection is perfect. You will be assured of buying a dollhouse which will serve your children above the age of three years well.

  5. Wide windows.

For your children to see what is going on in the house, they should have a way of seeing their dolls from different angles. The design of the doll house is perfect, it has been made in such a way that it will allow the children to achieve clear views of their dolls from different angels. The elevator design adds beauty besides making the children visualise the construction of a real Victoria house.

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