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Kidkraft Princess Vanity & Stool 76125

If you want to make your princess feeling loved and pampered, then you need something that will make her feel exceptional and appreciated. Kidkraft princess vanity & stool 76125 is a special dressing table designed for little princes who are already learning how to pamper themselves. The set’s specifications aim at serving the interests of gals between the ages of 3 to 8. Although the kit is mainly designed to help the young girls dress up, it also provides them with a place where they can collect their thoughts and dreams: admiring themselves in the mirror.

What makes this toy furniture favorite among princesses are the incredible features that it comes with. You will be amazed by its complete dressing table similar to that of an adult-only size distinguishes them.

5 Kidkraft Princess Vanity and Stool Features:

  1. Color selection: It is a fact that women are very selective when it comes to choosing colors, and this goes to the little princesses too. This kit is finished in cheerful pink which will definitely make any little girl feel pampered. As a matter of fact, the pink color is loved by almost every woman. The gold leaf color detail finishes the set in style.
  2. Comfortable stool: the set comes with a soft pink-cushioned stool, large and of perfect height for the girls of this age bracket. The stool is designed to ensure that Princess does not strain while doing her makeups and dressing. It is cushioned to ensure that she is comfortable no matter how long she sits on it.
  3. Unbreakable Plexiglas mirror: princesses are playful and sometimes the KidKraft may be mishandled. This is the reason why it is fitted with a less fragile mirror. The Plexiglas mirror is unbreakable, and this simply means that it with stand any force subjected to it.
  4. Ample vanity: the dressing table is large enough to ensure that princess can do all her dressing without straining for space. With 31.25"L x 16.25"W x 41.75"H as its measurements, the vanity is enough to accommodate the needs your princess.
  5. Large drawer: your princess needs to learn how to keep her treasures well from an early age. The Kidkraft comes with a pull-out center drawer where the kids can put her valuables such necklaces, earring, and bungles among others. To finish the set's aesthetics in style, the drawer handles are designed with gold crowned knobs.

This Kidkraft playset is definitely what any princess would love to have. It has the perfect features that will make them feel pampered and loved. The set also helps the little girl to mature into responsible women in future. It is perfect present that you surprise your princess with, and she will love it. It is failure priced, and you will definitely get value for your money.

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