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Kidkraft Princess Swivel Vanity 76138

If you have children who will like to be engaged in dress up play, then you will have made the right decision after you buy for them Kidkraft Princess Swivel Vanity 76138. The kid dress up kit has been made to mimic a real life situation where children will see you in front of a dressing table and try to imitate you. You will create an environment where children will spend several hours engaging in dress up play. The swivel vanity has been made to accommodate multiple kids. This even saves you money because you will not be required to buy several sets for each of your little ones.

3 Kidkraft Princess Swivel Vanity 76138 features:

1. Peg for hanging clothes.

In order for the vanity set to bring out a real life situation where the children will hang clothes, it is provided with four pegs for the children to achieve great fun when playing with the set. The vanity can swivel 360 degrees which make it very durable because children will not damage it due to rotating it beyond set limit. The materials used in making the set are very durable. This will make it easy for your little ones to enjoy playing with the set for a long period of time before it will wear out.

2. Convenient storage compartments.

The set has five storage compartments. Children will access enough space to store jewelry, toys, shoes and other items while playing. This makes the set among the most interesting sets which you can buy to make your children happy. It is a set which has been created to make the children develop creativity while playing. All the things your little girl has been copying from you while dressing up she will be able to put them into practice while playing. Children can as well utilize the four pegs provided for them to stay organized. They can hang items such as coats, feather boas, purses and dress up clothes.

3. Shatterproof mirror.

For girls to enjoy their free time while playing with the swivel vanity, it has a tall mirror which they can use to dress up. The mirror is shutter proof to help the kids achieve long services out of it. The mirror has been made to achieve great durability; this makes it easy for you to have a set which your children will use to play for a long period of time before you can think of buying another system.

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