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Kidkraft Let's Play Dress Up Unit 12511

Kids can be a wonderful addition to a family. They add joy to our daily lives with their unique perspective, their games, and their toys among others. An example is their joyous squeals when you buy them something new and wonderful. A finery is such a wonderful item you can get for your kids. It is perfect for organizing and keeping play clothes, toys and costumes, shoes and more. It is such a brilliant addition to your child’s room. Such an example of a finery is the KidKraft Let's Play Dress Up Unit 12511. It is a great way for them to organize their accessories and bring out the Disney prince and princess inspired themes in their closets.

Description of Kidkraft let's play dress up unit 12511.

Kidkkraft is a prominent creator, with the manufacture’s flair for seeing beyond the wood to the finished product, Kidkraft has become a leading distributor of quality kid’s stuff such as toys, furniture and other accessories for children’s room and space.

Their finery is such an example, a mark of great design and quality. This is something exceptional for children to retain their dress up play well-ordered and neat. It is available at competitive price, sturdy and safe and inspires your kid’s organizational abilities.

What are the special features of Kidkraft Dress Up Unit?

  1. Storage compartments: it has seven of them, all separately arranged and perfect for clothes, shoes, toys, fashion accessories and toys. Your kid’s princess and prince collection of dresses they get on their birthdays are kept tidy. Nothing is left lying on the floor, as in the case of a trunk. Here your child knows where every item is stored.
  2. It has a bright white appearance and side mirror: the finish is bright, and the reinforced acrylic mirror embedded in it gives your kid the chance to enjoy as they dress up. Kids love mirrors and this one, gives them the opportunity to play fashionista.
  3. Dowel rod, gold crown hooks, knobs and wooden rod and: this one is for hanging clothes, purses and coats; all costumes, dresses and clothes can fit on this and therefore easy to access them. You can add some tiny hangers which will be perfect for their little dresses and shirts. More than 15 dresses can be hung in it as it has adequate space.
  4. 360 degrees swivel: this makes it more fun, and easy to play around it. Really pretty center for your children. Gets them entertained for days. Great way to store all their clothes in a single location.
  5. Sturdy: it is made of woodsmart and other composite wood constituents too. So it is safe and durable.
  6. A shoe rack: adds more convenience on the unit. For proper storage of shoes.

In addition to these features one can add some fabric collapsible bins on the shelves to make the unit tidier. This is an amazing finery flawlessly sized for kids of three years and up.

Additionally detailed instructions on how to assemble the unit up step-by-step accompany the shipment once you order it. It is easy and simple to assemble and screw the pieces together. It can serve as the kid’s own closet.

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