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Kidkraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table 17850

The Kidkraft Waterfall Mountain Train set and Table 17850 is an ideal gift for children from the ages three and up. If you are looking to bring a smile to your child’s face this Christmas, this is the toy for you. It is an engaging toy for kids to enjoy a splendid pastime. This playset manufactured by KidKraft, it is ideal and affordable and helps you keep everything organized and elevated. The instructions on the box are easy to read and clear as daylight. If you want a perfect train set to see a smile on your child’s face, then this is the perfect thing for you.

Durability of the design

You will be pleasantly surprised when you open the box and find that the table comes with durable metal brackets that are already fastened on the base with a screw as well as glue. The cross beam and the metal brackets both fit perfectly together to form an extremely strong and well founded table. Without the use of any type of tools, screws or washers, you can assemble the whole thing in less than thirty minutes.

Packaging of the product

The toy set is very well packaged. You will notice that each and every part is wrapped in a bubble foam wrap. All the tough parts, like the metal brackets, which could potentially cause damage to the wood, is specifically covered with good quality thick cardboard , in order to prevent the damage caused to the wood , by the bending of the metal brackets. If you are looking for the ultimate quality product at a good price blindly opt for this.

Quality of the table

The table is a beautiful design and has a strong honey color that is soothing to the eyes. When you lay out the table, you will find, that it is a sturdy type of table and unlike the conventional ones, that you are sure to find along with train sets at your local store. While buying the KidKraft water fall mountain train set and table, you will find that the table comes free along with the set online.

The design of the train table set

The basic train table top is very well designed and ideally suited for the intelligence of the average three year old child. The design consists of an ingenious painted lake and fences, which you have to avoid in order for your vehicles to travel. If your child likes to scratch things, don’t worry, the top portion is very thick and it is touch for the kid to scratch it out. You will find that after many months of use it still looks new.

7 Specifications

  1. The train set consists of 120 strong quality pieces.
  2. Brightly colored in order to engage the attention of the child.
  3. For making safety, the playset designed pieces have molded edges and also to prevent chipping.
  4. Solid wooden train track.
  5. Plastic durable accessories.
  6. Dimensions are 48.75 lengths x 34. 5 width x 16 height.
  7. Three foldable and expandable red plastic bins that can be placed and fitted inside the table for the maximum storage capacity.

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