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Kidkraft Ride Around Town Train Set With Table 17836

Kidkraft ride around town train set with table 17836 provides little kids with fun and imaginative game play. With this interesting wooden playset, kids can enjoy playing the busy community at their fingertips. The gameset features over 100 colorful pieces. These include a hospital with ambulance, an airport with helipad and runway, tracks, trains, cars and many more.

The KidKraft train table has been manufactured from wood. It is large enough to easily accommodate multiple children, who can play simultaneously in the busy town. The game set keeps playtime closer to the eye level and off the floor. It is compatible with the existing train sets kids usually have.

8 Features and Specifications of Kidkraft ride around town train set with table 17836

  1. Two bins to provide you with convenient storage.
  2. Manufactured from wood.
  3. Hundred colorful pieces.
  4. Compatible with many different train sets.
  5. Sturdy construction.
  6. Hospital with ambulance.
  7. Airport with helipad and runway.
  8. Large enough to accommodate multiple children.

Assembly of the Game

As mentioned earlier, the playset is quite large in size. Due to this, you need to make some space to put it together. The company provides you with clear and simple assembly instructions. Due to this, you can put the table together within half an hour. Once assembled, the table stands at about 16 inches high. It measures 35 inches wide by 49 inches long.

It is worth mentioning that the playset contains more than 100 pieces to make sure kids have all the fun. The Allen wrench, hardware, two piece storage bin and other accessories allow you to assemble the train set within a short period of time. You just need to arrange a Phillips head screwdriver.

All the instructions given with the train set are easy and simple to understand. You can even take help from the detailed pictures that come with the set of instructions. Putting together the train set is not time consuming.

Tips on Safety and Quality

The composite wooden frame of the train set feels and looks attractive and durable. Some people expect wooden drawers on the set, but seem happy with two plastic storage bins. These remain out of the way, and don’t cause any hassles.

In case you want, it is easy to glue the tracks together. This allows you to keep the ride around playset with table in your kid’s room permanently. The tracks do not come apart easily. They are durable and last a very long time.

According to most customers, all the train cars are fun to play with, and don’t cause any problems. There is no doubt that your kid will love playing this game. It is one of the best imaginative and fun ways to have a good time.

All the train cars have magnets to connect to the rest of the train. They rarely come loose during play. Kids can even play with this playset while sitting down. Just make sure you purchase this game from a reputed retailer. This will make sure you purchase a high quality product at a reasonable price. Conduct a thorough research to make an informed choice.

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