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Kidkraft Metropolis Train Table and Set

As kids grow up, toys are part and parcel of what makes their childhood memories worthwhile. Having your son’s birthday soon and you want to add a mega toy to their playing tools? Then the kidkratf metropolis playset and set is simply what you should go for.

What is the Kidkraft metropolis train table and set 17935?

The Kidkraft metropolis playset is just not your ordinary toy train playing table set, it is more of a playing table that lets your kid take control of an entire city. It is an indoor toy playing set that offers your kid an array of imaginative and interactive pieces and fun features keeping your young one busy and entertained. It comes with a train set mounted on a wooden stand. The metropolis playset is made of high quality birch wood, plastic and fiberboard making it durable even with movements on and off the floor. Additionally, the train set is crafted to stand at just the right height for most kids giving them an easy time while playing. Under the train table is a large rolling trundle that is convenient for storage as it is used for collection of all the Ibits and pieces after playing. This combination gives playtime another new level of fun allows kids to have the time of their lives. It comes packaged with detailed instructions on how to assembly the pieces step-by-step, this gives you an easy time as you simply assembly it yourself with ease.

6 Features

The kidkraft metropolis playset comes loaded with lots of fun interactive features such as:

  1. An airport with helipad.
  2. Two-tier bridge.
  3. 100-piece train set.
  4. Mountain with drive-through tunnels.
  5. A large rolling trundle for storage.
  6. Train table with espresso finish and a solid durable wood frame.


  1. The Kidkraft Metropolis Train Table comes with many fun features for kids to play with. These include the train set, mountain and drive through tunnels, airport with helipad and a 2-tier bridge. This gives play time another new level of fun.
  2. It can be used both as furniture and as a play set. The 100-piece train set can easily be transformed into a play set when not in use since its top panels are a plain color underneath.
  3. It adds up as a storage device for toys, making it more of a functional play device than simply a train set.


  1. Assembling the set is time consuming and may be tricky because of the quality of the tools, and the instructions don’t do much to make it easier.
  2. The stickers on the surface peel off easily and the wood is prone to chipping with time.

Well, there you have it! Even with its few setbacks the Kidkraft Metropolis Train Set and Table is one of the best toy trains available in the market today. This is one piece that your child will enjoy playing with and you can also join in and have fun while art it. Is your little son’s birthday coming up? Then you just might have found the present to get them.

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