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Kidkraft Espresso Train Table with Spiral Quarry Train Set 17959

Our kids are our passion, the bond between parents and kids is unfathomable. Innocent as our kids are, as they grow up, they begin to strive to understand how the world evolves. They start to become fascinated with their surroundings and begin to develop interest in what they see.

Cars, trains and air crafts will always fascinate kids and they are always curious and anxious to know how they work. At their tender age, their numerous stubborn questions have a perfect solution, the kidkraft espresso train table with spiral quarry train set 17959.

This magnificent toy is every kid’s dream which he/she craves and deserves to have. We are going to look into why you should be inclined to get one for your kids.

Essence of Kidkraft espresso train table with spiral quarry train set 17959.

This amazing toy incorporates features of two best selling items: the espresso train table and a spiral quarry train set. Isn’t this what we call killing two birds with one stone?

This amazing toy is of essence to your children in two ways:

  1. · Entertainment – every child deserves to be happy and while playing here, all this is achieved and at the end of the day, you will be the best mum and dad in the world.
  2. · Educative – no one deserves a dumb kid who is a laughing stock of fellow kids when he is in the dark during conversations. This toy enlightens your kids on how traffic works in almost all areas i.e. trains, cars and aircraft.

Its 3 Quality Features.

The train table features include:

  1. T molded edges which prevent chipping and hence retains its form for longer.
  2. It has four very convenient storage compartments.
  3. It has a smart and very steady construction design.

The train set features include:

  1. Realistic sounds when vehicles pass over the track.
  2. A very long winding track with a custom spiral design.
  3. A moving crane lift that lowers cargo.
  4. An airport with a helipad, a runway and an airplane.
  5. A construction site with construction workers and a bulldozer.
  6. Buildings with molded plastic roofs.

Convenient Price.

The price of this magnificent piece has been considered very pocket friendly considering the quality and features that come alongside it. Its price is around $170.23 but may vary due to different factors.

Guaranteed warranty.

The warranty conditions are specified when you contact the seller or by visiting the manufacturers website.

Perfect design.

It has a strong wooden design which ensures its long lasting and all its features such as tracks have quality spilt all of them. You do not have to worry about visiting the shop for each kid as this one awesome toy might just be enough. Finally it is packaged with a step by step assembly instructions manual.

This is the perfect gift for every kid above 3 years. Purchase one and prove me wrong.

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