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Kidkraft Natural Rectangle Table & 2 Chair Set 26681

If you want to gift a perfect workspace to your kids where they can do their job comfortably - the table and chair set from Kidkraft can be a perfect option. Kidkraft natural rectangle table & 2 chair set 26681 will give your kids the much needed space for working on their assignments, playing with their stuff, doing art and crafts, playing board games or simply having their favorite snacks. This set is crafted from solid wood and it is built to last. Being incredibly comfortable and sturdy, the product is indeed a perfect gift for your little ones. In case you’re planning to buy this anytime soon, here’s a quick scoop on its features.

3 Features of the Kidkraft table and chair set

  1. As your kids start growing up, they no longer find it comfortable to sit in the living space for playing board games or working on their assignments. Doing their stuff on bed isn’t a good idea either because it’s going to affect their posture sooner or later. So, in a situation like this, one of the best options would be to get the Kidkraft natural rectangle table & 2 chair set. Being compact in size, this furniture can be easily assembled any corner of your house, where your kids can comfortably enjoy their much needed the time. So whether it’s the playroom or the bedroom – this lightweight and sleek furniture set can be easily assembled anywhere.
  2. One of the things that impressed me the most about this product is its incredible durability. Not only does this table and chair set look incredibly well finished- but they also last long. So you needn’t get worked up even if your kids are a little rough with their things. This playset will last long and help your kids enjoy their chores, just the way they want. Additionally, the engineered wood that goes into making the product will also ensure that your little ones are perfectly comfortable while they do their job.
  3. This playset also comes in a height which is perfect for your toddlers and preschoolers. So when you gift them this cool and unique furniture, they will enjoy a sense of control and also get to do their stuff comfortably. The beautiful finish of the product will complement with the color scheme of your existing furniture without looking out of place. So if you’re willing to teach your kids the right way of organizing stuff this table and chair from Kidkraft will definitely make the cut.


  • sturdy furniture crafted from engineered hardwood;
  • lasts long and resistant to basic wear and tear;
  • looks sleek and complements your existing furniture;
  • lightweight and portable;
  • available in shades of Espresso and natural wood;
  • comes with a set of instructions that are easy to follow;
  • simple and hassle free assembly.


While most customers loved this furniture, some of them felt that the shade of Espresso was lighter than what they had expected.

Final Verdict

Considering the incredible benefits of this product- we will definitely recommend it to everyone who’s willing to teach organizational skills to their kids. This table and chair set from Kidkraft will let your kids do their jobs independently and comfortably.

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