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Kidkraft Farmhouse Table and Chair Set Espresso

Every child needs few particular set of furniture in their childhood. From beautiful small beds to cute cupboard. One such thing that a kid must have while growing up is KidKraft farmhouse table and chair set espresso. This playset is specifically designed for kids, to play, to use and to snack on and to spend their time on and with.

The Kidkraft farmhouse table and chair set espresso comes in three different colors, i.e. espresso, natural and pecan, out of which espresso is the most used and preferred. The playset contains one table and four chairs, thus making it perfect for your kid to use it while playing with their friends.

As the name itself states, this playset is made in the farmhouse pattern, i.e. like the type of table and chairs used in farmhouses. The set is made of solid wood. Not only that, each chair is made to hold a weight of at least 80 pounds, thus making it strong enough for your kids to seat without any fear. The main reason behind making it durable is so that the parents remain absolute tension free, that the chairs are safe and secure, and the kids gathered around it, playing with it, or sitting on it are safe, and won’t be hurt in any way.

10 Features:

  1. The KidKraft farmhouse playset is a set of 5 items. It contains one chair and four same sized strong chairs.
  2. This whole set is appropriate for kids aged between 3 to 8 years. Also, the height of the chair table is designed and adjusted according to the said age limit only.
  3. As mentioned earlier, the chair weight capacity is around 80 pounds i.e. 36 Kg.
  4. It is made of sturdy wood, and only solid wood is used, for safety purposes.
  5. The KidKraft chair table set is available in three different shades, espresso finish, natural finish and pecan finish.
  6. The whole set, i.e. the four chairs and the table in total weighs 30pounds.
  7. The table is square in shape.
  8. The playset comes with packaged instruction, that gives step by step detailed instruction to assemble the whole set.
  9. It is made in China and is shipped around the world.
  10. The set comes with a manufacturer warranty of 90 days.

This is the perfect playset of table and chair to buy for your kid, or even to gift it on birthdays. Also, it is very easy to assemble, and therefore very easy to set and use. Not only the kids will love it, but so will the parents, for it doesn’t cost much, and comes at a price range of $70-$200 depending on the website you are purchasing it from and also if the delivery charges are included. It is also available on various online shopping portals like Amazon, Walmart and many more. So, it is always advisable to check and compare the price of the set in all the portals and then buy it. Though, the best place to buy it from is from the company portal only. Therefore do not waste any more time in thinking and get your kid this beautiful playset.

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