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Kidkraft Outdoor Sandbox with Canopy 00165

As you go down memory lane, nostalgic memories of your playful childhood will certainly cross your mind. You must have really enjoyed playing with sand and water. Now that you are a parent yourself, you should ensure that your little ones have the same experience.

The Kidkraft Outdoor Sandbox with canopy 00165 is a great product for your playful and active kids. It has a solid, robust build coupled with a stylish visual appeal. It has been built to last and has lots of room for your kids to play in. The KidKraft sandbox will allow your children to play with sand and water in the safe precincts of your backyard.


  1. Solid Construction and Durable Materials
  2. The Kidkraft sandbox has a robust and sturdy construction that is compact enough to fit into your backyard. The sandbox is built mainly with reinforced “Sammu” wood panels that have been treated with a thin coat of protective stain. This will ensure that your kid’s sander does not succumb to the effects of weathering and warp.

    The bottom of the sandbox has a clear plastic liner with drainage holes. The liner allows water to drain from the sand.

    The sandbox has a practical design and has two water and plastic bins. This will allow your kids to concoct and mix sand and water to their hearts content. You and your kids can also store toys and sandbox tools in the bins after they are through playing in the sander.

  3. Plenty of Storage and Room
  4. The sandbox has adequate amounts of space for your children to play in at the same time. It is large enough to accommodate your little ones. It even has a bench that is built into its inner perimeter. This will allow your kids to sit down and let their imagination run wild as they build sand castles.

  5. Adequate Protection
  6. The sandbox has a canopy with an attractive striped design. The canopy will keep your kids safe from the scorching summer sun rays.

    The sandbox also has a mesh cover. The canopy protects the sand from leaves, weather and yard clippings. It will also prevent unwanted critters that may scare or bite your kids from getting into the sand.

  7. Easy To Assemble
  8. You should be able to assemble the sandbox quite easily. It is provided with clear and concise instructions that are laid out for you in a step by step manner.

  9. Product Specifications and Dimensions

This Kidkraft playset has external dimensions of 58.7 X 57.8 X 52 inches. Its interior playing area has dimensions of 46.5” X 43.5”. It has an overall weight of 56.2 pounds.

You should be able to fill it out with about eight 50 lb. bags of sand.


1. Sturdy, robust and durable design.

2. Quite easy to put together.

3. Plenty of playing room.

4. Storage space for sander tools and toys.

5. Canopy for protection from sunlight.

6. In-built bench.

7. Stylish and great visual appeal.


1. Canopy not waterproof.

2. Weak plastic liner fasteners.


The KidKraft sandbox has a cost effective price tag and is great value for your cash. It has an average price that is slightly less than US $ 300.

The KidKraft Sandbox with canopy is a stylish and practical product that will allow your kids to enjoy themselves to their heart’s content. It has a great solid build. The sandbox has materials that are durable and can withstand the weather elements. You will find that it has lots of room to play in and practical storage bins. The best part of it is that it will allow your children to play in your own backyard. So why not, go ahead and get your kids the KidKraft sandbox. You will not regret it.

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