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Kidkraft Outdoor Playhouse 00176

You probably won't believe your eyes when you set them on the Kidkraft Outdoor Playhouse 00176 it offers a good mix of playability, affordability, and of course, fun for your little one. KidKraft's motto of "Live, Learn, Play" has taken a solid form and became the outdoor playhouse that you may have dreamed about when you were a wee little kid!

What's to love about this toy playhouse? Let's count the ways:

Spacious and Large

Children will love the sight of the KidKraft Playhouse when it is finally assembled in their front or back yard. We'd think that a few parents would love it too- it's quite spacious, coming in at around 50 x 45 x 60 inches dimensionally. Your kids won't be cramped inside afraid to move as they could knock over one part; in fact, you can fit in several children for a good old tea party! Or play cowboys at a saloon. The possibility is quite endless.

The wide windows and doors are fully functional, meaning they open and close like the real ones. In addition, there's a cute little mailbox sitting by the door and a sink in the far side for kids who love to roleplay. You can fit in 2 to 3 kids comfortably, with wiggle room for all of them.

Easy to Assemble

Don't be daunted by the look of the finished product on the box when the outdoor playhouse arrives on your doorstep it's easy to assemble and the manual is uniquely helpful. Kidkraft has thoughtfully included an intuitive manual that provides an easy step-by-step instruction on how to assemble their product. Simply peruse the instructions and look for the numbered parts, then you'll have a fully-functioning play house before you know it!

For the best results, 2 adults can work together and assemble the outdoor playhouse in the span of about 15 to 30 minutes. The easy assembly factor makes it a snap to put together and start the fun quick as the blink of an eye!

High Quality Materials

Children's toys should be tough and able to take a beating as a standard, and this playset is just that. The manufacturer went for an authentic look and made the walls and parts of it from weather-resistant wood. You won't need to disassemble the product just to store it in during hot or cold weather. What's even more amazing is that the Kidkraft Outdoor Playhouse stands the test of time and will look great even though many years have passed. Simply plop it down the most comfortable area in your yard or garden, sound the siren and let your child play with it to his or her heart's content.

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