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Kidkraft Modern Outdoor Playhouse 00182

Without any doubt, kids love playhouses. They love a place they can call their own – whether that house is a small log playhouse or a big Victorian playhouse. Playhouses are designed with enough space to enhance both social and physical play among kids.

The KidKraft Modern Outdoor Playhouse 00182 is designed in a fancy way, giving kids room to explore a new world right in their backyard. It is made with a hip and enough extra seating in a one-of-a-kind design. Just as the name suggests, it has a more modern design which can match with your house design. When it comes to safety, every parent will like to be sure they are purchasing a playhouse that will not put their kids at a risk of injuries, but will offer value for their money.

What this playhouse is made of?

The KidKraft modern outdoor playhouse is made of Sanmu wood, which is a type of timber that is sturdy and water resistant. This kind of timber is lightweight (143 pounds), making it easier and cheaper to transport and it is suitable for outdoor construction. The various parts are made to fit perfectly together and are joined together with standard screws, as the screw holes have been pre-drilled. It comes with an outdoor grill with a lid that is removable and two benches and a picnic table at the sides.

7 product features.

    A front door that opens and closes.

  1. Mailbox with a flag.
  2. Espresso picnic table, with two benches attached on the sides.
  3. Outdoor grill with a removable cover.
  4. Roof panels that are water-resistant.
  5. Reinforced wooden panels meant to prevent weathering and warping.
  6. Preassembled parts making it easy and quick to assemble.
  7. It comes with an easy to follow manual about assembly instructions.

The specification on this playhouse is ages of 3+, but it has been proven to suit kids of ages 3 – 10 years. Its dimensions are 50.39 inches wide x 74.02 inches long x 64.29 inches high. These dimensions make it possible for up to 4 kids to play in comfortably. With a number of seats outside the playhouse, you can host a number of your kid’s friends at a time.

Know these before assembling it:

  1. Have at least one person to assist you.
  2. Don’t rush it, especially as you begin. Go through the instructions to fully understand the process.
  3. While fixing dowelling pieces, use wood glue to make the joints stronger.
  4. Use a cordless drill to speed up the process of assembly.
  5. Have all extra fastenings you use pre-drilled.


This playhouse comes with various benefits, which include:

  1. Improves team building, body perception and social skills of kids.
  2. Increases the physical strength, coordination and balance of children.
  3. It can help grow the confidence and self-satisfaction of kids.
  4. It is a good way of keeping your kids entertained.


  1. It is difficult when you try to fix it alone.
  2. Kids can get injured when not used properly.


This playhouse is guaranteed to offer a lot of fun for your kids and keep them happy for hours. Kids develop quicker when they have toys to challenge them mentally. This playhouse is made in such a way to help develop the skill base and interaction of kids with others. Your kids will love it, and so will you.

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