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Kidkraft Backyard Sandbox 00130

When it comes to toys, backyard sandboxes can be said to offer the most fun-filled experience for kids. Having a sandbox in your backyard is one way to expand your child’s imagination, creativity, and also improve their social skills since they will be interacting with other kids.

If you love watching your kids have fun in the backyard but are always afraid of the mess they might create, the backyard sandbox may be the answer.

Kidkraft Backyard Sandbox 00130 is just the perfect play toy for your kids and their friends. The sandbox gives them a perfect place to dig up treasure, build castles, and play with all their favorite toys. The sand makes a perfect landscape for their toy trucks. It practically gives them an unmatched play experience without having to run around the house.

The sandbox is most suitable for kids aged 2-8.

Main Features

The backyard sandbox features:

  1. Four rounded corners that double as convenient seating platforms for kids to sit on while playing.
  2. Mesh cover that keeps the sand clean when not in use.
  3. Large space enough to allows several kids to play together at the same time.
  4. Wood construction with reinforced panels for added strength and support against weathering and warping. The construction is sturdy.
  5. Wood-grained surface that gives the sandbox a rustic look that will blend in perfectly with your backyard.
  6. Detailed step-by-step assembly instructions.


The specifications of the backyard sandbox include:

  1. Shape: Square.
  2. Color: Brown.
  3. Size: 60”L X 60” W X 8.5”H.
  4. Age Range: 2 years, 3-4 years, and 5-7 years.
  5. Material: Wood.
  6. Assembly Required: Yes.


This playset goes for $122.31 plus free shipping on Amazon.


As they build castles, sift the sand, mould shapes in the sand, and play with their favorite toys, the kids get to put their creativity to work, not to mention improve their sensory vocabulary. For instance, they will learn various sensory adjectives such as smooth, rough, bumpy, dry, runny, squishy, and many more.

Regarding creativity, the kids get to improve their skills. In the sand, they can mould just anything they think of. It gives them great flexibility to explore their skills and talents.

The backyard sandbox will also help them practice social skills. They will get a great, exciting opportunity to interact with other kids, other than their siblings. They will also learn how to share small spaces with others.

We cannot forget that playing in the sandbox will also strengthen their fingers and hands, and improve their coordination. This can help them while practicing hand writing as well as other activities such as tying shoe laces and buttoning and unbuttoning their clothes.

There is no better way to watch your kids have so much fun with others right in your courtyard other than with the Kidkraft Sandbox. You even get to perform all household duties undistracted.

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