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Kidkraft White Vintage Kitchen 53208

The Kidkraft White Vintage Kitchen 53208 is every kid’s dream come true. This tiny all-in-one play cooking room comes with a stove top, microwave, oven, fridge, sink, and much more. With the incredible attention to detail paid to each feature, the playset is as real as it gets for a kids toy. It’s no wonder it won the Product of the Year Award 2010 by the Creative Child Magazine, because it's the perfect toy for children who can all be budding chefs.

4 Main Advantages of the Product:

  1. The Kidkraft Vintage Playset incorporates all the appliances and accessories of a kitchen into a compact size that is fully suited to kids. With toys like these, its the detail, all the little bits, and the resemblance to the real thing that makes it so exciting for a child, who can let their imagination soar. Nothing appears to be missing in this playset, and while it seems like everything is the perfect size for each item, it comes together compactly quite well. There’s a fridge to store food, a microwave to heat up food, a stove to cook and an oven to bake. There’s also a sink to wash food items, and not to forget, the dishes at the end of the day. And everything is in just the right spot, so kids will be able to navigate and work in their kitchen like a pro.
  2. But not only does the Kidkraft White Vintage Kitchen look like a play cooking room, it acts like one too. The doors, handles and knobs are fully functional. Kids are able to open and close the doors to the microwave, oven and fridge as they are getting their meals ready. Knobs can be turned and clicked, whether its for the stove or the water filter at the fridge (yes, it even has a water filter!).
  3. One of the many neat tricks included that children will love is a knob that can be turned under the microwave oven to simulate its rotation when heating up food. Not only are all the vital kitchen appliances included, but there are cabinet shelves and spaces for storage - after all, what’s a kitchen without its storage space? What’s more, the kitchen sink is removable, so it can be easily cleaned when the need arises. To top it off, the kitchen comes with a cordless phone, so your child can have a chat while busy in the kitchen.
  4. The Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen has a sturdy construction, made of composite wood. It's also just the right size for kids, built to match a young child’s height so that everything is in reach and they can stand comfortably to do their imaginary cooking. Its compact size also makes it suitable to place in any space, whether its a bedroom, living room or toy area. The white color gives it a professional chef's look that kids will love.

With this playset kids can take pleasure in being a chef and preparing a variety of meals in their very own kitchen. It's really the perfect kitchen.

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