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Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen 53173

If your child wants to play house, then the Kidkraft red vintage kitchen 53173 is one product that you seriously need to consider buying. There has probably never been another playset produced that can make as much of a statement as this one and do you want to know something that is very important? Your child is going to absolutely love it.

Those First Impressions.

First impressions are extremely important when it comes to toys because your kid will tend to make up their mind as to whether or not something is enticing and entertaining within a matter of seconds. This is because Kidkraft have designed a kitchen that has everything in it that your child will ever need and it has done so in a stylish and fun way that will undoubtedly have major appeal from the moment that they set eyes on it.

What You Get.

So what will your kid get with this model? Well the design allows your child to pretend that they are creating a fantastic feast for the entire family. There are cupboards that work, a toy oven and hob, sink, microwave and even though there are no utensils supplied this should never put you off purchasing the item. Knobs turn and click, the product is very easy to keep clean, even to the extent that the sink can easily be removed to allow you to keep everything clean and hygenic.

The Positives Of Owning This Product.

There are a number of real positives of purchasing this product and perhaps the first one has to be the way that it is manufactured:

  1. It is made of wood, but is also extremely sturdy which it has to be in order to withstand being used by a child.
  2. It is also a real bonus that they have tried to make things as realistic as possible and the layout has been well thought out and everything is in reach even for younger, or smaller, children.
  3. It is clear that Kidkraft have spent a lot of time developing this product, but the main thing is that it it is a wonderful toy to play with and when that is the case there is nothing else that matters.

The Negatives Of Owning This Product.

There is no product out there that is completely perfect and this is no different. The fact that it does not come with utensils is a bit of a problem, but at least you can easily work around the problem by purchasing a selection of them elsewhere. This is pretty much the only problem with this toy kitchen and when this is the only issue, then you have a very good product that does deliver exactly on what it promises.

So should you purchase this toy kitchen for your child? The answer is undoubtedly yes and your child will be able to spend many happy hours producing some amazing dishes. You will never have to worry about buying them anything else like this as this Kidkraft product will still look just as amazing even when your kid has outgrown it themselves.

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