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Kidkraft Pink Vintage Kitchen 53179

If your little one has been begging you a kitchen play set, continue reading to discover the distinct advantages and disadvantages of the Kidkraft Pink Vintage Kitchen 53179.

6 Main Advantages:

1. Constructed out of wood not plastic.

Unlike other playsets on the market, the base of the pink vintage kitchen is constructed out of solid wood. So if your child has a tendency to play rough, as many children do, you won't have to worry about any parts breaking.

2. Fun, retro design.

This playset looks exactly like the retro play cooking room designs which have made a come back in the past few years. A few examples of the play set's retro details include bright silver handles, dials and knobs and a refrigerator with a curved top. Better yet, the playset is a lovely shade of pastel pink, which most children will love.

3. Boasts lots of storage space.

The pink play kitchen's drawers, stove and refrigerator all open and close, which allows your child to store away their toy pots, pans and food items when they're not playing with them.

4. Compact design.

If you're worried about a kitchen playset taking up too much room, the pink vintage play set is a great option as it has been designed to be big enough for multiple children to play with at the same time but compact enough to fit in the corner of your child's bedroom.

5. Realistic noises.

The knobs above the oven/stove click like those on a real oven when they're turned, which should excite kids.

6. Removable sink.

This play set boasts a removable sink. So if your little one wants to wash their plastic toy dishes, you'll be able to remove the sink and fill it up with water and a squirt of bubble bath liquid.


1. Comes in a flat pack box.

This vintage kitchen is sold in a flat pack box and requires assembly. However, it does come with a fool proof, step by step illustrated instruction guide. So there's no need for any guess work. Just ensure to have a few spare screws handy as the play set doesn't come with any spares.

As long as your little one loves pink, you'll be sure to make their day by gifting them with the pink vintage playset from Kidkraft. Better yet, the pink play kitchen offers exceptional value for money, compared to similar play sets on the market.

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