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Kidkraft Large Pastel Kitchen 53181

Children love to play-imitate their parents. Boys love to pretend driving a car, while for most young girls, they love to imitate their mother cooking in the kitchen. Of course, playing in the real cooking room would be dangerous, so the next best thing is to provide a play kitchen set for your little ones. Thankfully, there are play kitchens like Kidkraft Large Pastel Kitchen 53181 to allow your kids to enjoy playing in a cooking room setting without the real hazards. If you're looking for a review of Kidkraft Large Pastel Kitchen, then you have come to the right place as this article is going to cover that.

The Kidkraft Large Kitchen is among the tallest playsets in the market right now.

Main Features:

  1. It stands at 107 cm, which is great as it allows your child to grow taller, but not rendering this toy useless.
  2. In fact, you can buy this play cooking room for your 4 year old, and she will still be able to enjoy playing with it until she is 8.
  3. Another notable feature of this playset is the width. It is wide enough for two children to play together with enough room to play side-to-side.
  4. However, this kitchen playset is still low enough for smaller children to play with no issues. In fact, the kitchen is perfectly playable for 3-year-old kids. They can enjoy playing with the kitchen set's phone, sink, dishwasher and cooker.
  5. Although you can say that the microwave is set to a position that is a bit higher, but think of it as a new playable item as the child grows taller. It's something to look forward to when the child grows up.

It is truly an enjoyable toy for your little kids. A lot of parents are saying that opening doors, getting items and closing back it again is one of the most popular activities that children does when playing with Kidkraft Large Kitchen. Thankfully, the doors are constructed with durable materials and designed to withstand a great deal of opening and closing. Therefore, continually closing and opening shouldn’t be an issue for the short-time period.

Keep in mind of the height and width of this playset before purchasing, as you will most likely need a permanent location for it within your home. Thankfully, it's not that heavy compared to other play cooking room, specifically it weights 39 kg. It's a solid piece of toy furniture so you can place it on commonly battered or used areas of the house.

As this playset would mean that it would be staying in a corner of your house for a long time, it's good that this Kidkraft Large Kitchen is colored in a specific way. The Kidkraft Large Kitchen comes with pastel colors, which is very advantageous for most homes. The subtle and soft pastel colors mean it can easily fit in any decorating theme of most houses.

For your kids who want to play master chef, the Kidkraft Large Kitchen is a great toy for them to have as it allows them to play with a toy kitchen without having the hazards of the real one. This Kidkraft playset is designed to be durable so it can be played for years to come. Also, it comes with enough features that your kids will not get bored of it easily. Also, you can buy more pretend food, pans and extra pots to make it even more appealing to your kids.

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