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Kidkraft Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen 53100

The Kidkraft Deluxe Big and Bright Kitchen 53100 has become more and more popular over time with its smart and sturdy construction. It is a fantastic kids play cooking room which can be built for your children to enjoy every day. The colors are bright and inviting adding to the attractiveness of the kitchen set. The knobs on the oven and the sink work perfectly and turn easily which is a good feature for the children. The sink is also easy to removed allowing it to be cleaned easily and thoroughly.

You may be thinking it will be a nightmare to build, however this is not the case. Yes it does take a couple of hours to set up but it is totally worth it and certainly worth purchasing. The instructions are easy to follow and the screws are even color coded making things even simpler. If your young child always runs after you into the kitchen then this set is guaranteed to help you and your child out. Most people who have this kitchen set have claimed that their child will always copy them in the kitchen and wash the dishes.

4 Main Benefits of Kidkraft Deluxe Big and Bright Kitchen

  1. The idea behind the Kidkraft Deluxe Big and Bright Kitchen set is exceptional and it is highly recommended as a product.
  2. Another positive aspect of this product is that here is a lot of storage room as there are shelves and even a pretend microwave.
  3. This pretend kitchen is one of the best available on the market and for it's price it is an absolute bargain.
  4. The playset is really sturdy and strong so you do not need to worry about it falling apart. This as clearly been engineered to last a long time and sustain damage.
When I purchased this toy I was astonished when I noticed how detailed the kitchen was and how many features there actually were. My daughter loves the phone that comes with the set and I have since started buying other products sold by the same company to go with the kitchen.

The only downside of this product is obviously the fact that it can take a few hours to set up. I built it in two hours on my own and it was very time consuming but the instructions were simple to follow. If you can spar yourself a few hours then you will be completely fine but just keep in mind it is definitely worth setting up. If you have a young daughter then I highly recommend buying this as a birthday or Christmas present.

You can also add to the fun by buying separate items to add to the kitchen that your child can play with such as pretend food. There is plenty room inside the fridge as well so you do not need to worry about loads of items making a mess of your living room. You should shop around for this play kitchen set and see what deals are available. It is guaranteed to impress you so don't dismiss this amazing toy from Kidkraft.

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