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Kidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse 65252

Every doll deserves a home and at some point we give into our child's desire to upgrade that home from a little shoebox bedsit to something grand and top of the range – it is hard to see how a dolls house can get much more grand than the KidKraft Majestic Mansion dollhouse 65252. When KidKraft called this this Majestic Mansion they were not kidding because this thing really is massive and there are so many luxury details.

  1. The KidKraft Majestic Dollhouse offers hours of imaginative play with its numerous rooms and classy features.
  2. Toy dimensions can be misleading when looking at photographs but there is no disappointment with the scale of this house because this 4.5x4 foot mansion is so tall that some kids will have to get on tiptoes to see into the attic space on the fourth floor and so wide that more than one child can interact with it at one time.

    There is a garage, kitchen and dining room on the ground floor, a sun room and large living area on the second floor – complete with grand piano – and a bedroom and bathroom above that. Each room is carefully furnished with cute wooden accessories and detailed scenes painted on the wall give the allusion of greater depth and grandeur.

    Size is not everything of course, a large room with a tall ceiling is great but you need lovely decor and fancy features in a room to really make it desirable and practical. This is as true in the doll world as it is in a the 'real' world and there are plenty of items within this mansion that give the sense of class and style that the most high-society dolls crave.

    Even Barbie will be peering over the fence from her 'dream house' in envy of this one but, with the rooms as big as they are, even she can spend some time playing and relaxing in here without feeling cramped. In addition to the general pieces of modern furniture adorning the main rooms, there is also an elevator between two of the floors and a cute little resident kitten. There is a warning about adult supervision with very young kids because of the smaller parts but older children – 4 and up – will love the little details.

  3. This Majestic Mansion playhouse is the sort of toy to really spoil a child.

There is so much going on with this Majestic Mansion that it is actually quite impressive to adults as well as children. Your daughter is sure to spend countless hours with her friends marvelling at all the parts, the rooms towering above their heads and the different stories they can devise about their dolls lives now that they have moved up in the world.

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