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All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Where does this phrase apply more than to kids who for physical and mental developments have to exercise leisure? To get to relax and learn more about the environment the first gadgets kids are introduced to are often toys and they grow up modelling their lives on these crafts.

Kidkraft is without a first among equals when it comes to children's toys. Their unique combinations of versatility and creativity has seen them pioneer the different lines of the children toys products. Kidkraft's has a reputation for creation of timeless products that merge the concepts of fun and utility. Not only do they enthrall and entertain but also they provide children with endless opportunities to engage in imaginative and creative play.

So what are the key products of Kidkraft?

General products

Kidkraft products can be broadly placed in five classes:

Kidkraft furniture

Furniture is one of the key physical products kids are introduced once they get their breathe of life. From the cots they spending their sleeping hours in to the baby bicycle with which they learn to take their first independent steps.

At Kidkraft toys, there are various chairs and table sets for children available at reasonable prices:

  • The farmhouse kids' 5 piece table and chair set for $95.99
  • The Nantucket kids' 5 piece table and chair set for $107.99
  • The Nantucket kids' 4 piece table and chair set for $109.99
  • The Avalon table and chair set for $157.99
  • The Aspen kids' 3 piece table and chair set for $94.99
  • The Heart kids' 7 piece table and chair set for $108.99

Key qualities of these furniture sets include multi colours of blue, red, green and other colours. Most are made from high quality wood and are durable so your kids can enjoy the fun of owning a furniture set of their own.

Kidkraft kitchens

Maternal influence on children is sure most the strongest influence kids get when growing up. Participation in household chores especially in the kitchen is something almost all children can identify with and Kidkraft has not disappointed on this front in terms of coming up with great products. Among these are:

  • The Pastel Kitchen that goes for $135.99
  • The 2 piece Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator set that goes for $152.99
  • The Pink Vintage Kitchen at $131.99
  • The Pink Wooden Play Kitchen at $86.99

Key qualities of these kidkraft kitchen sets are that they are colourful and specifically designed to meet your children's need. They are easy to use and are often sold together with an easy to use manual.

They are made from durable material and are already assembled at the point of sale so you don't have to assemble them again.

Kidkraft children vanities

The first thing a kid falls in love with is his own image and Kidkraft have taken care of this selfish needs that all children have in common through their exclusive vanity sets.

In this category Kidkraft have great products such as the:

  • Deluxe vanity set with a mirror that costs $182.99
  • The Diva Vanity Set with Mirror in White at $127.99
  • The Sweetheart Vanity Set at $129.99
  • The Tabletop Vanity with Mirror at $51.99
  • The Fun and Funky Vanity Set at $ 129.99

Just like all Kidkraft products the vanity sets with exclusive design just for the comfort of your child. These vanity sets give kids the impression that they are adults and takes their imagination and creativity to whole new levels. They are lightweight and most of them have a 90 day warranty.

Kidkraft doll houses

The artful expression of children is first made through their first dolls. Kids do dress these dolls, cook for them and do all sorts of things that are normally done for adults.

At Kidkraft the dollhouses won't disappoint you. These include:

  • The Chic Dollhouse at $214.99
  • The Designer Dollhouse at $126.99
  • The Sparkle Mansion Dollhouse at $183.99
  • The Chelsea Dollhouse at $77.99

Besides these, Kidkraft makes thousands of other great kid products such as playsets, bookcases and beds.

Kidkraft toys are sold at affordable prices with exclusive deals on major sets that have seen price reduction by up to 50%.

You can make your orders online and pay with your credit or debit card via Visa or Mastercard.

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